About Us / Chairman’s Message

In less than a quarter of a century’s time, Goldin Group has developed from a consumer electronics company into an international conglomerate engaged in a diverse range of businesses across the globe. In every area we operate, we break new ground and set new standards.

To achieve this required us to go beyond what was previously thought impossible. A journey we were only too glad to undertake, for we believe that beyond the impossible there lies a whole world that is rich with possibilities. Our creativity, our thirst to explore new ways to enhance people’s lives is at the heart of all that we have achieved. And it will be at the heart of all that we will achieve in the future.

On this website, you can learn more about our businesses, our people and our journey. A journey built on a deceptively simple philosophy: learn incessantly, think creatively, feel passionately, act decisively. In the years to come, Goldin will continue to surpass what we have already achieved in each of our business sectors, to go beyond the impossible.

Pan Sutong